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About us

TouchCare is made with passion by DNX, a fast-growing company based in Seongnam, Korea, and Barcelona, Spain that was founded in 2015.

Our mission is to elevate the lives of all seniors by combining innovative personal monitoring technology, behavioral science, and the predictive power of data analytics.

Our expertise lies in healthcare, computer science, A.I., electronic communication technology and psychology. We've developed the world's first Human Body Communication chip which uses the body as the medium of transmission (instead of things like Bluetooth or WiFi for instance). 

Our medical advisors

We work closely with one of South Korea’s premier healthcare groups, the Yonsei University Health System, which boasts four hospitals and two graduate medical schools, to provide a best in-class service to both care-receivers and care-givers


Dr. Hyuk Jae Jang


Dr. Yu Jin Kwon


Prof. In Kwon Lee

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