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Privacy & Data Protection Policy

Thank you for using the Carah app (the ‘Service’) created by 'DNX Co., Ltd.' ('Company').

The Company regards your personal information as important and abides by the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use and Information Protection under Republic of Korea law. This document explains the Company’s personal information processing policy, how it uses the personal information you provide, and details what actions are taken to protect your privacy.

> Collecting and using personal information

i. Information about the user’s device

To use the Service, the app collects the device ID and phone number of the user when installing the app. This is required to facilitate notifications to your phone under the Service.

ii. Device information and access log when using the Service

When the user uses the Service, the company will use the device information including the user's device type, OS type, IP address, browser information including language setting, device ID, cookie data, advertisement identifier, and generate and store log data that includes specific electronic IDs automatically provided by your device. This information is used to prevent unauthorized use (or abuse) of the Service. In addition, it is used to provide an optimized service to the user's device.

iii. Permission requests at installation

In order to use all the functions of the Service, the user receives the following permission requests at the time of installation and must register acceptance.

- SMS: The Service uses SMS for SOS and I’m Here functions to send text messages to user-specified recipient(s)
- Microphone: The Service uses the phone’s microphone for recording when functions at the 12 o'clock button (recording), the 3 o'clock button (The Moment), and the 9 o'clock button (recording and send to recipient) are activated.
- Location: The Service uses your phone’s GPS to get location information when using the functions of SOS, The Moment, and I’m Here
- Storage space: The Service stores recorded files, photos and push alarms on the phone.
- Call function: When the SOS is activated, the Service uses the call functions of your phone to make an automatic call to the user-specified recipient(s).
- Address Book: The Service accesses the phone’s address book if the user chooses to use his/her contact list to populate SOS, I’m Here, and Recording recipients.
- Camera: Accessed whenever a user takes a picture – SOS, The Moment, remote selfies.

> Retention and use period of personal information

Recording and photo data transmitted by the user to a designated recipient (during SOS and Record and Send functions) are automatically destroyed after a certain period (7 days). Therefore, the recipient must check the data within this certain period of time, and the Company will not be held responsible for storage after the certain period of time has elapsed.

> Procedure of destroying personal information

The company will destroy personal information without delay subject to the contents of this policy. Personal information stored in the form of electronic files is permanently deleted and cannot be retrieved.

> User's Rights

After deleting the app, users who no longer use the Service may request removal of any personal information registered with the company at any time. To send a deletion request, please contact us by e-mail with a subject line of ‘Personal details deletion request’ along with your telephone number. Alternatively, please call on +82 2 592 0105.

> Providing personal information

We do not divulge your personal information to any third parties. However, the following cases are an exception.

1) To official law enforcement authorities subject to your acceptance
2) To official law enforcement authorities In accordance with the laws and procedures prescribed by law for the purpose of investigation, only when we are obliged under relevant law to so do, even without your consent.

> Designated personal information protection person-in-charge

In order to protect user's personal information and to deal with complaints related to personal information, the Company has designated the person in charge of personal information protection as follows.

(1) Personal information protection officer

Name: Kwon Eun Kyung

Company: DNX Co., Ltd.

Phone: 02-592-0105


(2) Customer Service Department

Name: Jang Gil Soon

Company: DNX Co., Ltd

Phone: 02-592-0105


(3) Other institutions

You may notify the person in charge of personal information protection or the department in charge of all personal information related complaints arising from the use of the Company's Services. The Company will provide prompt answers to your complaints.

If you need to report or consult about other privacy infringement, please contact the following organizations.

- Personal Information Infringement Notification Center (

- Internet Crime Investigation Center (

- The National Police Agency's Cyber Terror Response Center (

Privacy Policy Effective Date: December 6, 2016

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