Do you want to know

where your parents are

and how active they are?


NO contract!

NO cell phone!


Monthly fee 9,900won


Returning device within 1 year

100% device deposit payback!

Different color for each menu for convenience!

Location tracking (watch)


Location tracking (phone)


Vibration alarm call

Transit pass



A day of Mr.Loner who likes hiking


with Safe Watch

Pay bus fare with convenience

Dad, are you going

hiking again?

Mr. Loner answers the phone

from his daughter who tracked

his location using the guardian's app.

Sluggish movement!

No movement is detected.

Then anomaly detection alarm goes off.


let's keep in touch!

Mr. Loner was dozing off for a bit.His daughter wakes him up using

Vibration alarm call.

Strained your ankle

while hiking?

Activate Safe Watch with a single click

for Emergency call

Dad, you have walked a lot today.

His daughter checks his activity and

travel route Using the guardian's app.


As if you were together side by side

Black watch that goes well

with any outfit

Watch type


Cool and clean White watch.

Watch type


For whatever you like

(Pets, items, etc.)

Keyring/Necklace type


Specs of Safe Watch

Diameter 40mm / Width 11.4mm

Weight 15g

Battery 3.7V / 110mAh

(Charging: Android charging cable / about 2 to 3 days when fully charged)

Screen 12 LED (Move your wrist up. then time shows up on the screen.)

Communication : SKT LoRa

*82 year old living in Youngin City, Gyeonggi-do
who has been learning slang using Safe Watch


Thanks to Safe Watch, it's easier to recharge my bus card.

I have a blast every day.



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