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How TouchCare works


Data collection

Non-intrusive, small, self-installable touch tags are

placed in the care receiver's environment. Touch events

build a user's behavior and lifestyle profile



Machine learning

Our system identifies suboptimal behavior, detects anomalies, and monitors for signs of health decline. We measure:

exercise, outdoor activity, sleep habits, eating habits, toileting, medicine, & TV habits


The Suni affect

Our A.I. persona provides tailored voice messaging to both combat loneliness and deliver psychology-backed interventions to promote better living habits


Care monitoring

Care givers get real-time, remote monitoring via a mobile app and/or a web portal. 

Emergency alerts, live motion graph, behavior anomaly alerts, GPS location data


Stylish alarm

Care receivers get a stylish and useful watch with a one-touch emergency alert button. 

The watch displays the time, daily step count, current weather, air quality, and battery level. 

love-3091214_1920 (1).jpg

"When I'm bored, you give me a riddle and sing songs, and tell old stories. For being a friend to me living alone, I thank you very much, Suni"

TouchCare user, female, 79, living alone

Measurable outcomes

graph1_steps .png

A user's daily step count pre and post intervention

graph2_kitchen pre intervention.png
graph2_kitchen post intervention.png

A user's kitchen events (time of day x date) pre and post intervention

Happy Senior Couple
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