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Just a 2-second push for all functions.

SOS alerts






Find phone


Charging & battery life
Qliq is charged via a micro USB cable. A full charge normally takes between 1 to 1.5 hours,

and depending on usage lasts for circa 7 days.

Install the Qliq app on your smartphone
Qliq operates by pairing with your existing Android or iOS smartphone - it does not work independently. Download the Android app or iOS app, or visit the appropriate store and search for ‘qliq watch’. Then simply follow the in-app prompts to set your emergency contacts and preferences. 

Connect Qliq to your smartphone
On your phone, please ensure both GPS (often called Location Services) and Bluetooth are switched-on. In the Qliq app, select the connecting section. You will see your device’s ID, and simply select it. When the connection is successful, lights will blink on your device and the correct time will be set - a solid white LED for the hour, a blinking red LED indicating each 5-minute segment. If you have any difficulties, reset your device by pressing both 12 o’clock and 3 o'clock for five seconds. Lights will flash to indicate the device is reset, and then you can reconnect.
* Some additional steps are necessary in iOS only. Enter your phone number where prompted and press 'Get Code'. A message will display a 4-digit security code, which you must enter into ‘Input Code’. Then press ‘Verify’ to complete the process. 


Simply push the whole watch face for 2 seconds to: activate the siren, auto call your pre-chosen emergency contacts, send those contacts your GPS location, auto-start an audio recording. 
If you do not wish to sound the siren but still wish to signal for help, simply turn off the siren option on settings. This will send your emergency contacts your GPS location and automatically call them without sounding the alarm. 
* Due to restrictions in the iOS operating system, only location information is set. 


I’m here
Simply push the whole watch face for 1 second to instantly send your GPS location to your pre-chosen “I’m here” contacts.


Set your fitness goals and parameters, and view your daily, weekly, and monthly data and progress all in the Qliq app.

Local recording
Press at 12 o’clock for 2 seconds to start recording audio. To stop the recording, press anywhere on the watch face. Your audio files are saved to the Qliq app. *In iOS, pressing here for 2 seconds activates 'Happy mood' during path tracking

The moment
Press at 3 o’clock for 2 seconds to activate ‘The moment’. This will initiate an audio recording, take a picture, and save the GPS location. The files can be accessed in the Qliq app. *In iOS, pressing here for 2 seconds activates 'Angry mood' during path tracking

Find your phone
Press at 6 o’clock for 2 seconds to start a tune playing on your phone. Press anywhere on the watch face to stop the tune. 

Press at 9 o'clock for 2 seconds to play a fun ‘roulette’ style game. 

Send a 'Hey!' to your friends to let them know you're thinking of them. Allocate a friend to each of 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock, then a simple 1 second push sends him or her a 'Hey!' 

Taking a ‘remote selfie’
Select the camera in the app to activate. Once you’ve positioned your phone in the desired location, press anywhere on the watch face to take the picture. 

Changing your smartphone from ringtone to vibrate via Qliq
If you need to remotely change your ringing phone to vibration mode, just press anywhere on the watch face (this works vice versa, too). *Only available in Android

In some countries Qliq is loaded with a payment module allowing either pre-paid (such as store cards or transit cards) or post-paid (such as credit or debit cards) payments via the watch. The original box packaging will specify whether your Qliq is payment-enabled. For phones with NFC (P2P) support, you can view your balance and usage history in your app. If purchasing online, please ensure you check which model you are purchasing

Path tracking (iOS)
Path tracking is automatically activated in iOS when your Qliq is connected to your Apple phone, and you can access your data through the app. Events that are captured during path tracking include SOS, I'm Here, and Selfies. It is also possible to register your mood to be captured in the path tracking data. A 2-second press at 12 o'clock registers that you're Happy, at 3 o'clock Angry, and at 6 o'clock Distress.

When you receive a call, a red LED in the upper middle left of the face lights up and Qliq vibrates. When you receive a text, a red LED in the lower middle left of the face lights up and Qliq vibrates. When audio recording starts, a red LED in the top middle right of the face lights up and Qliq vibrates (* not available in iOS). If your Bluetooth connection is lost, a red LED in the lower middle right of the face lights up and Qliq vibrates.




1. General

Q. There is no response when I press Qliq. No lights appear.
A. Please charge the battery.

Q. I cannot connect Qliq with my phone via the app
A. Please make sure you turn on Bluetooth on your phone. If you still can not connect, please reset Qliq. (press for '5 seconds' at both 12 o'clock and 3 o'clock at the same time. Lights will appear and you can try again to connect)

Q. I'm Here / SOS is not working.
A. Make sure that you have registered your guardians in Settings page of the app.

These functions will not work without specified recipients.

Q. I used I'm Here / SOS and an invalid address (0,0) was sent to the recipient.
A. Please check that GPS is turned on and it is set to the highest accuracy level.

If your phone is set to 'Low Accuracy', it is difficult to get a GPS position, especially indoors.

Q. I did I'm Here / SOS, but only text messages are sent and no notifications are sent to recipients.
A. Please make sure you turn on Wifi or mobile data. One of them must be activated as app notifications are data communication. Your guardian must also install the Qliq app to receive notifications.

Q. I can not record audio (12 o'clock) or use The Moment (3 o'clock).
A. Please check if you given Qliq access to your microphone and camera via permissions.

Q. My app does not display an NFC card balance
A. The app payments page will open automatically if your phone is NFC enabled and your Qliq is payment enabled.

Hold Qliq to the back of your phone.
Please check that your phone is set to read / write (P2P) in 'Setting -NFC'.

Q. My payment card usage history is not correct. There is no interim record.
A. Card usage history is only recorded when you check your balance.

Therefore if you do not check your balance regularly, some data can be lost.

2. Connection issues

Q. The system LED (lower middle right) is lit continuously and my phone is not paired with my Qliq
A. Do one of the following to check if you are connected
- Turn Bluetooth off and on again in your phone
- Force the app to stop and try again. (Swipe down from the top of your phone screen to access the app controls)
- Restart the phone and run the app again.

Q. I cannot connect my phone to my Qliq even though everything else has been checked and tried.
A. Do one of the following to check

- Restart your phone.
- Reset Qliq. ( press both 12 o'clock and 3 o'clock simultaneously for 5 seconds)
- Setup - Please deregister the registered Qliq from Bluetooth
- Settings - Turn Bluetooth on and off in Bluetooth
- Please remove the Qliq app. (In Settings - Application Manager, select the Qliq app and delete it)
- Please reinstall the Qliq app.


Body dimensions: Diameter 40mm / Thickness 11.4mm
Body weight: 15g
Waterproof: IP65 (protected from water spray, do not submerge)
Type: Wristwatch, bracelet, keychain, necklace
Battery / Battery life: 110mAh / circa 10 days depending on usage
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0(BLE)
Display: 2 color / 28 LED
Paired smartphone OS: Android 4.3+ / iOS 7.0+
Country of manufacture: Republic of Korea
Certification mark: KC, FCC, CE
TEL: +82.2.592.0105
FAX: +82.2.6455.0107
E-MAIL: hello@dnx.kr
HOME: www.qliq.kr


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